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Auto Services

Brake Repair

Whether you need a single brake pad replaced or a full brake system service Auto Europa are your local brake repair specialists.


Check Engine Light

Don’t be concerned when you see a check engine light. Bring your vehicle straight to Auto Europa for a free check engine diagnostic test.



If you failed an emission test we can repair the faulty systems so you can be sure to return to the emission test center and pass with flying colors.


Engine Repair

From spark plugs and ignition systems to gasket replacement or full engine rebores Auto Europa is your choice for all engine repairs.


AC Service

Is your car to hot? Bring it to Auto Europa, with our full range of AC services we will keep your vehicle nice and cool.


Oil Changes

Just need an oil change? No problem, we will get you in and out quickly and provide a free check of all your vehicles major systems.


Tune Up Service

Whether for a basic or performance engine tune-up, Auto Europa can help your car regain its ‘zip’, and restore lost fuel efficiency or horsepower.


Mufflers & Exhaust Service

Noises, rattles, nasty smells from your exhaust? A muffler or exhaust system repair can be quick and easy, call us and bring your car in today.


Fluid Checks & Services

Have Auto Europa regularly check and service your vehicle’s fluids. It could save you thousands in expensive and unnecessary repairs.


Transmission Service & Repair

Getting a transmission service is important for your vehicle’s health. For all your transmission service or repair needs call Auto Europa.


Battery Replacement

Battery died or won’t charge? We can quickly and cost effectively replace your battery and have you back on the road in no time.


Timing Belt Replacement

Replacing your vehicle’s timing belt at the appropriate service interval will keep it running smoothly and save against potentially expensive repairs.


Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Looking to buy a new car and need it thoroughly checked out? Take advantage of our multi-point vehicle inspections.


General Auto Repair

Problems with your car? No matter what the issue, the trained technicians at Auto Europa can handle all manner of auto repairs.


Shocks & Suspension

Have a bumpy ride and hearing knocking that should not be there? It could be your suspension needs help, let us fix it.


Cooling System services

A regular Cooling System Flush will keep your engine running at the optimum temperature. Auto Europa for all your Cooling System needs.


Electrical & Electronics

Whether its your power windows, engine management computer or lighting that wont work, Auto Europa can help your with all your vehicle electrical or electronic problems.


Extra Auto Services

In addition to all the above auto services, Auto Europa also has available a wide range of extra services to help provide the most complete and one-stop-shop experience for our customers, Auto Europa’s extra services include:

  • Wheel Alignments
  • Tires
  • On-site Detailing
  • Shuttle Service
  • Nighttime Drop Box
  • Towing Service
  • Window Tinting