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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light (CEL)

What should you do if your check engine light comes on. That’s simple, call Auto Europa and we will quickly figure out what is going on and let you know how it can be fixed. Bring your car in for a free check engine light test. We¬†will retrieve the OBD (onboard diagnostic) code that will help us pinpoint the specific malfunction. Not all check engine lite issue need be a worry, it could be just a loose gas cap. The five most common reasons fora check engine light are:

  1. The O2 (oxygen) sensor needs to be replaced
  2. The gas cap is damaged or loose
  3. The catalytic converter needs replacing
  4. The mass airflow sensor may need replacing
  5. Your spark plugs and/or spark plug wires need to be replaced

No matter what the issue our trained and certified technicians can help you, but please don’t ignore a check engine light. Identifying and fixing the issue quickly will be a lot cheaper than letting a problem fester as it could turn into a major and costly problem.